God made us because he loved us

I was a hidden treasure, and I longed to be known;
so I created the universe and made myself known,
so they knew me
– hadîth quoted by Ibn Arabî (1165-1240)

This hadîth is unpicked in an article on the website of the Ibn Arabî society. The word translated ‘longed’ is ahbabtu: loved. Creation originates in Divine love, and love and knowledge, whilst distinct, are thus inseparable.

Further on they mention Mother Julian as holding a similar view two centuries later:

Before he made us he loved us and just as we shall be eternally, so we were treasured and hidden in God, known and loved since before time began
– Julian of Norwich (d. 1416) in Revelations of Divine Love

Ibn Arabî describes this act as a Divine Sigh: the movement that initiates the cosmogenic process is the vibration produced by the nafas rahmânî, the “Breath of the Merciful”: breathing out due to the pressure of loving desire.

Furthermore, this love that impels God to create the universe is first of all love for himself, for his own beauty which he wishes to share.


~ by scalambra on June 4, 2013.

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