Hildegard of Bingen: the Christian sufi

I, the fiery life of divine wisdom,
I ignite the beauty of the plains,
I sparkle the waters,
I burn in the sun, and the moon, and the stars.

In a move that will both please and surprise, Pope Benedict has announced that he will canonize Hildegard von Bingen in October 2012 and at the same recognize her as a Doctor of the Church. If you don’t know what this means: A Doctor of the Church is the highest recognition that the Catholic church can give to a theologian. So far there are 33 Doctors of the Church, only 3 of whom are women. Pope Benedict writes She brought a woman’s insight to the mysteries of the faith. In her many works she contemplated the mystic marriage between God and humanity accomplished in the Incarnation, as well as the spousal union of Christ and the Church. She also explored the vital relationship between God and creation.


~ by scalambra on February 7, 2012.

One Response to “Hildegard of Bingen: the Christian sufi”

  1. That’s good news to read, official recognition of her is well over-due though.

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