Love and Gratitude: The Divine Economy (2/3)

What is the relationship between love and gratitude?

Love gives, and gratitude receives.

Now, love needs to be received. If you have ever had a gift refused, particularly an offering of love, you will know this. Or perhaps you have refused a gift yourself. I remember once refusing an offer of hospitality because I was suspicious of the motives of this stranger I had just met. The look of pain on his face when he read this in me is something that has stayed with me ever since. Dear friend, I am sorry: please forgive me.

The first place that I began to understand this relationship between love and gratitude was in the I Ching, the Book of Changes. The relationship between giving and receiving is also the relationship between Yang, The Creative (Hexagram 1) and Yin, The Receptive (Hexagram 2). This is all explained very eloquently and with depth in the exposition of the first two hexagrams. In Western terms, the creating, giving force is love. In other words, love creates.

Re-reading Dr Emoto’s books, I saw that he had come to the same conclusions: that love is the creative, active force, and gratitude is the receptive, passive force. In the West we place so much emphasis on loving, but don’t talk much about the importance of receiving. Without gratitude, love can do nothing.

The next and final post in this series will focus on how to restore the balance between love and gratitude when it has been disturbed.


~ by scalambra on December 12, 2011.

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