Love and Gratitude: The Divine Economy (1/3)

In 1999, the Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto published the first of his books Messages From Water. These books, simple collections of photographs of ice crystals, created a sensation.

Dr Emoto has made it his life’s work to investigate the effect of thoughts and intentions on water by exposing water to certain thoughts and then photographing the ice crystals that form as it begins to freeze. The photographs generate a strong emotional response in everyone who views them.

In 2005 Dr Emoto made a worldwide lecture tour and I attended the lecture he gave at St James in Piccadilly, London. Over 700 people came.

One of Dr Emoto’s projects is to heal polluted bodies of water by praying for them. He has found that the most effective prayer is the feeling of Love and Thanks (Gratitude). Whilst he produced lovely crystals from “love” and “gratitude” individually, he found that when the two are combined the crystals produced were the most beautiful of all. Dr Emoto writes that this discovery changed his vision of the cosmos.

We too are bodies of water and Dr Emoto’s work challenges us to think about the effect that vibrations, such as thoughts and music, are having upon us all the time. To give one example, tissue memory – memories being stored not in the brain, but in the tissues – is an unexplained phenomenon in the Western paradigm, although we have been forced to acknowledge it by cases of transferred memory in organ transplants. We do know however that hydrogen bonding in water helps to bind all the fluids and tissues of the body into a single liquid crystalline matrix.

Dr Emoto’s work has led him to the belief that Love and Gratitude are at the root of the creation of the world. In his view, the water molecule itself displays something of the relationship between love and gratitude. Water has two hydrogen atoms but only one oxygen atom, as if saying that we need twice as much gratitude as love. Dr Emoto finds this ratio demonstrated also in humans, who have two ears but only one mouth.

The next post in this series will explore this theme with reference to Chinese cosmology and the I Ching.


~ by scalambra on December 8, 2011.

One Response to “Love and Gratitude: The Divine Economy (1/3)”

  1. THanks for reminding me about Norwich to Amsterdam ! A thought-provoking lecture . I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the quality of gratitude. As for the power of music and its emotional/spiritual narrative upon body, mind and soul, I’m a life-time subscriber.

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