Wisdom (Hokmah – Sophia)

What is Wisdom?

She is intelligent, holy, unique, subtle

flowing, transparent, and pure;

She is distinct, invulnerable, good,

keen, irresistible, and gracious;

She is humane, faithful, sure and calm,

all-powerful, all-seeing and

available to all who are intelligent, pure,

and altogether simple

– Wisdom of Solomon 7:22-23

She is the mobility of all movement;

She is the transparent nothing that pervades all things.

She is the breath of God,

A clear emanation of Divine Glory,

No impurity can stain her,

She is God’s spotless mirror

reflecting eternal light

and the image of divine goodness.

Although she is one,

She does all things.

Without leaving Herself

She renews all things.

Generation after generation she slips into holy souls,

Making them friends of Gods and prophets…

– Wisdom of Solomon 7:24-27

translated by Rami Shapiro, quoted by Cynthia Bourgeault in her book The Meaning of Mary Magdalene, beginning on Page 173.


~ by scalambra on March 25, 2011.

One Response to “Wisdom (Hokmah – Sophia)”

  1. Reads like an anima projection to me, from the Jungian ascending scale of Eve (femme fatale) to Helen of Troy to the Virgin Mary to the apex of Sophia (Wisdom). The realisation still must first break your heart to restore it once more to a higher level.

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