Dual cultivation: shuāng xiū. Or, life and fate.

shuāng xiū 雙 修 – joint or dual cultivation.

xiū – to cultivate, build or repair. Also to study.

shuāng – double, paired, joint

So to cultivate the heart xīn is to repair the heart.

Now, what is cultivated in dual cultivation? The body and mind? No – there is no such divide in Chinese thought. What is cultivated is xìng and mìng.

xìng is rendered as nature. The character also means surname, and can be used as a suffix to turn a noun into an adjective: -ness – the quality of a thing. It refers to your inner human nature, which for Taoists is cosmic and empty, beyond good and evil.

mìng is often translated as life. The character means life, or fate. Pregadio translates it as vital force. The same character is found in 命 門 mìng mén, the gate of life – the acupuncture point at L3-L4 which is the centre of the moving energy between the kidneys – the energy that reflects the movements of your thoughts.

The texts say that xìng cannot be reached without mìng. In this case, mìng is the incarnate nature.


~ by scalambra on December 5, 2010.

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