The golden elixir is within you

An early fifth century Lingbao scripture states that the Golden elixir is in your body bā wēi zhào lóng miào jīng 八 威 召 龍 妙 經 [eight powers summon dragons clever classic], CT 361; Robinet 1997,228).
Daoism Handbook (Handbook of Oriental Studies – Part 4: China) ed L.Kohn Brill Academic Publishers (June 1, 2000), p465

The Kingdom of God is within you!
– Jesus of Nazareth: Luke 17:20-21

The HdO extract continues

A fuller view of the context for these references appears in Gě Hóng’s 葛 洪 (283-343) Baopuzi neipian (Inner Chapters of the Master who Embraces Spontaneous Nature, CT1185; tr. Ware 1966), completed around 317 and revised around 330. Ge mentions the three dān tián 丹 田 or Elixir Fields (or Cinnibar Fields) in the head, the chest and the abdomen (Ware, 1996, 302; Kohn, 1993, 199), each governed by the One, (Yi ), a supreme divinity abiding in everyone. He also describes transcendent beings, the Yellow Court, and other loci of the inner body that would later play central roles in neidan (Ware, 1966, 99-100; see also 121).

Gě Hóng’s text shows that the above notions were part of fourth century meditational practices in Jiāngnán 江 南 (southern Jiangsu). Their textual foundation is the huáng tíng jīng (Scipture of the Yellow Court), a short poetical work of the third century that describes the human body as home to multitudinous divine beings. Amongst its allusions to meditation and breathing the huáng tíng jīng contains alchemical symbolism, mentioning the Elixir Fields, the refining (liàn ) of the primary constituents of the person, and the birth and nourishment of the inner embryo (Hu 1989,5). Some descriptions of the divinites and the palaces they inhabit in the body also bear the stamp of alchemical imagery.


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