That’s not a film review. This is a film review…

I've loved you so long

Kristin Scott Thomas’ performance . . . is one of a small handful of highlights by which people will remember this year in movies. This is acting at its most exalted. This is film being used for its supreme purpose and function, to show us, moment by moment, the grand movements of a soul. If we’re lucky, we get one or two gifts like this a year . . . I’ve Loved You So Long is worth seeing more than once, just to watch how Thomas scores the performance from beginning to end . . . [She] plays Juliette as someone with no energy left for pretense . . . At all times, she has about her an aura of sadness and defensiveness . . . None of this is actually spoken in writer-director Philippe Claudel’s screenplay. It’s the beauty of Claudel’s design that he is able to suggest the specific nature of Juliette’s conflict through pictures, by setting up moments of tension and then generously showing us the face of his lead actress . . . They say a director has to make three great films before he can be called a great. For his debut film, Claudel can check off the first box. He proves himself as adept at controlling a story as he is at directing actors, and his intuitive leap – casting Thomas – was inspired and transformative. He has made Thomas sexy and volatile and has turned her into an actress whose future movies absolutely must be seen

– Mick La Salle’s review of I’ve Loved You So Long (Il y a longtemps que je t’aime) in the San Francisco Chronicle


~ by scalambra on June 18, 2009.

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