perichoresis = xiāng shēng?

Jürgen Moltmann’s book God in Creation introduced me to the term περιcηορεσισ (perichoresis), the mutual interpenetrating of the persons of the trinity. This term comes from the Church fathers, beginning with Gregory of Nazianzus (330 – 390 AD).

This reminds me of the Taoist term xiāng shēng (wade-giles: hsiang sheng), literally mutual arising – inseparability. In his 1977 book  Tao: The Watercourse Way, Alan Watts describes xiāng shēng as inseperability. It is the key to the interplay between yin and yang, and between the five phases. Yin and yang, and the five phases, arise simulataneously as opposed to sequentially, and cannot exist separately.

Can we say that περιcηορεσισ and xiāng shēng are equivalent concepts?xiāng shēng is teaching that things which are inseperable have co-arisen. Can we say that the persons of the trinity co-arise (co-arose)?


~ by scalambra on April 30, 2009.

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