Christianity or Buddhism?

It’s a trite given that we condemn the Christianity of the middle ages, which – so the political analysis goes – sought to ignore the things of this world, and move on as swiftly to the next. But isn’t this the message of Buddhism?
I’ve just read that in Tibetan Buddhism, the desire to achieve nirvana – to escape the wheel of reincarnation – is seen as a selfish act. In this light, is Tibetan Buddhism actually Buddhism at all?
Are not the boddhisatvas those who have renounced nirvana in order to heal the world?


~ by scalambra on March 19, 2009.

One Response to “Christianity or Buddhism?”

  1. Of course Tibetan Buddhism is Buddhism. Acheiving Nirvana is not the only thing that makes it Buddhism. The belief that we are the cause of our own suffering, and only we can “deliver” ourselves out of that suffering, is the message of the Buddha and the key belief in Buddhism. Of course there are varying schools of Buddhism. (Just as there are varying denominations of Christianity). The path is different for every Buddhist.

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