Pray that love will visit you again

Agios Yakinthos (Saint Hyacinth)

Agios Yakinthos as an ideology can be expressed in three words: the Saint of emotions, remembrance and expectation.

That’s why I tell them, when you go to Agios Yakinthos, light two candles, one to remembrance and one to expectation.

In this place of prayer I am bound, on the one hand, to remember a great love I have lost, but I can also, on the other hand, pray to be visited by the emotion again.

So Agios Yakinthos is not the Saint of Love, but the Saint of remembered and hoped-for emotions
– Loudovikos Ton Anoyíon

Agios Yakinthos wakes at noon
He takes Crete in his wings, love in his arms
Goes down the mountain along the path
As soon as the sun sees him, it smiles and sets.

Agios Yakinthos opens windows
He brings breasts and bodies together and builds the bridges
To make people fall in love and grace the world
To make basil, oregano and spearmint flower.

Agios Yakinthos wakes on Psiloritis
If only he could come and pass by your house too
To bring you and tell you his Holy Love
So that you’d wake at once and come near him…

– Alkinoos Ioannidis


~ by scalambra on March 9, 2009.

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