Matter is spirit made manifest

Incarnation: perhaps my favourite word.

The first and last mystery.

Incarnation is sometimes called, in that beautiful phrase, the binding of spirit to matter.

What do you understand by that? I understand that spirit comes to inhabit matter; matter which is otherwise not of spirit.

But when Jung says, nature was once both fully spirit and matter1, that’s something very different.

Then I read, Spirit and matter are one and the same thing. Matter is spirit reduced to the point of visibility2

And that’s something different again

How does my body feel when I think of it, not as condensed energy, but condensed spirit?

For me it puts a rather different light on St Paul’s the body is a temple of the holy spirit2, which hitherto I’ve seen only through the veil of Cartesian dualism.

It is the simplest way to understand creation.

1Carl Jung, quoted by Meredith Sabini in The Earth Has A Soul: the Nature writings of Carl Jung, p79
2Secrets of the I Ching, Joseph Murray, p32
31 Cor. 6:19-20


~ by scalambra on July 2, 2007.

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