On artificial insemination

From the standpoint of psychopathology, the immediate effect would be an “illegitimate” i.e. fatherless pregnancy… It would be a case of unknown paternity. Since human beings are individuals and not exchangeable, the father could not be artifically substituted. The child would suffer inevitably from the handicap of illegitimacy, or of being an orphan, or of adoption.
These conditions leave their traces in the psyche of the infant. The fact that artificial insemination is a well-known cattle-breeding device lowers the moral status of the human mother to the level of a cow, no matter what she thinks about it, or what she is talked into. As any bull having the desired racial characteristics can be a donor, so any man appreciated from the breeding standpoint is good enough for anonymous procreation. Such a procedure amounts to a catastrophic devaluation of the human individual, and its destructive effect upon human dignity is obvious.
It seems to me an ominous symptom of the mental and moral condition of our world that such problems have to be discussed at all

– Carl Jung, Letters II, pp.110-11, quoted in The Nature Writings of C.G.Jung


~ by scalambra on July 1, 2007.

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