Those wily ancient egyptians… (1)

Uraeus depicted on pharoah Amenhotep IIOne of the symbols you see everywhere in Egypt is the uraeus, the rearing cobra, which was a feature of the Egyptian royal head dress.

Uraeus for the pharaoh Senswosret IIThis is what the egyptology texts will tell you. The name comes from the cobra goddess Wadjet (“she who rears up”), the patron of the Delta (Lower Egypt). She was worn by the Pharaohs as a part of the double crown. In war, the uraeus was said to destroy pharoah’s enemies with her fiery breath.

What’s immediately striking is that the uraeus appears to be emerging from the third eye. This symbol is also found in tantra, where the snake emerging from the third eye indicates that the kundalini energy has been awakened (the unawakened kundalini energy is depicted as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine). Did the egyptians also have this understanding?

Wadjet emanating from the eye of Horus

This gold pendant tells me that they did. Here, Wadjet is shown emanating directly from the eye of Horus, which is thus equated with the third eye.


Further reading: read about the uraeus on egyptology online.


~ by scalambra on May 20, 2007.

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