Having a body…

Bodies - the exhibitionThis morning a friend rang me and invited me to go and see the Bodies exhibition in Amsterdam. I was confused; wasn’t that Bodyworlds?

No, it wasn’t. I should not have been surprised that someone had decided to copy Gunther von Hagen’s technique of dissecting and plasticizing human specimens; the surprise lies elsewhere.

A few years ago I saw the Bodyworlds exhibition in London with the other students in my anatomy class. One thing that struck you as you walked through the exhibition was the respect that the bodies generated in the viewers. They were not protected, but no-one touched them. And so the halls were filled with this naturally arising human feeling, which had nothing to do with religion or sentiment. If only we gave half as much respect to our own, living bodies; but that’s another topic.

Unlike Gunther von Hagen’s exhibition, the cadavers in this exhibition are not volunteers. These are unidentified or unclaimed bodies from China, where the exhibits are prepared – my friend thought some are the bodies of people who had been executed. I’m not yet sure what I think about this, but what I feel is a disquiet that is not going away.


~ by scalambra on March 6, 2007.

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